GPoYW: desert edition

i’ve been… hesitant… to say the least, to put any photos from work [or MAKE any reference to work], on any blogs in the past… since i feel like people tend to pass a lot of judgement about a person based on what they do and i just wanted it to be a place where i can put up some photos.

but… WTF?
it’s just a job. it doesn’t define me any more than the kind of car i drive… or what i chose to do on my weekends… so here you go.

the photos i put up last Sunday were of my buddies who were with me in Iraq in 2007… some of them were there with me in 2005 as well. looking back, i wish i had taken more… and of more than just people i know.

time to branch out, i suppose… and it’s never too late 

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  April 21, 2010 at 07:00am
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